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  1. Angora Rabbit Online Technical Manual
  2. Australia Rabbit Calicivirus program
  3. Breed Standards (UK)
  4. British Rabbit Council
  5. Chicago Area House Rabbit Society
  6. House Rabbit Society -- National
  7. Oakland/East Bay House Rabbit Society
  8. Rabbit care notes
  9. Rabbit faq- House Rabbit Society
  10. Rabbit Language -- humorous but somewhat informative
  11. Rabbit World
  12. Rabbits:Models and Research Applications --Excellent sire from USAMRID Seminar Series
  13. San Diego House Rabbit Society
  14. San Francisco Penninsula House Rabbit Society
  15. Show Bunny -- good information for breeders
  16. The Rabbit web
  17. UK Rabbit WWW Page