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Keirsey Temperament--A Meyer's-Brigg's type personality test..

Find out if you are an introvert or extrovert, intuitive or sensing, feeling or thinking, and judging or perceptive

The Brain Page

Everything having to do with brains: on line IQ test, Creativity test, on line brain check-up, what kind of pet scan brain reflects you, wisdom test, atention deficit test, etc.


Includes Bartlet's Quotations, Roget's Thesaurus, The Skeptic's Dictionary, The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing, Strunk's Elements of Style, The New Hacker's Dictionary, Webster, ant The King's English

Dictionary of 160 languages

Links to 800 dictionaries in 160 different languages.

The On-Line Medical Dictionary

The Reference Shelf

Provides links to numerous reference sources

City Net Guide to the World


Create a map to an address in any city in the USA.


A great site to download the latest software.